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About Carol Eastman

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Carol Eastman, El Paso, TX Photographer CAROL EASTMAN, photographer, writer, and illustrator, received a Master of Arts degree in Art Education from the University of Texas at El Paso. She also studied at the Eastman Kodak School of Photography in Maine, the Fechin Institute in Taos, the Sedona Art Center, and the School for Arts and Crafts in San Antonio. Her photographs, writing, and illustrations have appeared in New Mexico Magazine, Nova Magazine, The El Paso Times, Twin Plant News, The Arizona Republic, Life Quest, and Their World, an award winning brochure for the El Paso Community Foundation. In addition, she has contributed photography and narratives to two documentaries on Native American art and directed the publication of two catalogs on Native American jewelry for the Museum of Northern Arizona.

She has taught design at the El Paso Community College, Design & Art Appreciation at University of Texas/Pan American, and currently teaches design, composition, and photography at the Museum School in El Paso, Texas.

Her most recent exhibit, Visual Voices, includes photographs and stories about children along the United States/Mexico border. This project was funded by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the City of El Paso Museum and Cultural Affairs Department. It was exhibited at the Chamizal National Memorial (September, 2008), the El Paso Public Library(December, 2008) , and the state capitol in Austin, Texas. (April, 2009).


Tulips, Photograph by Carol Eastman, El Paso, TX Photographer

Dance with Scarves, Photography by Carol Eastman, El Paso, TX Photographer
Dance with Scarves