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About Dolly Miller-Brennan

Web Site: www.BrennanArtography.com

Email: Dolly@BrennanArtography.com

Nina Eaton, El Paso, TX PhotographerMy love of photography began at age 3 sitting for what seemed like hours for my half Cherokee father. Being allowed into the dark room with Daddy and seeing the awesome finished result made me want to be behind the camera and not in front of it. Watching Daddy train horses for summer fun enhanced my appreciation of equine photography.

I hold 2 bachelor of arts degrees from the University of Wisconsin in Political Science and studies in photography with years on the lecture circuit for political operatives and am active in conservative Texas politics. However the camera is always with me.

I shoot from an emotional and spiritual perspective with the desire to impart the feelings of the animals, the aura of the area and the spirit of the people involved to those who view my images.

I see the world as one spiritual all engulfing abstraction and can become so involved when out in the field that I sometimes can not feel my surroundings but lost in the soul of what I am shooting. I want the viewer to be able to step into the picture and become part of it.

I sign each piece with GTG, Glory to G-d, thanking Adonai (I'm Jewish) for his gift of sight, after having undergone 3 years of continuous eye surgery.

My images are transferred into fine art giclée prints and gallery wraps.

I belong to the El Paso Art Association, El Paso Texas; Big Bend Arts Council, Alpine Texas; Southwestern Indiana Arts Council, Evansville Indiana; The Tri State Art Guild, Angel Mounds Indiana; including Southern Indiana, North Western Kentucky and South Eastern Illinois.

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Arabe Blanco, Photography by Dolly Miller-Brennan, Brennan Artography
Arabe Blanco

Plaza Theatre, Photography by Nina Eaton, El Paso, TX Photographer
American Rancher
Best in Class Photography Award Winner
at the El Paso Art Association's
2012 America the Beautiful Exhibition